We retain highly qualified professionals using both in-house and contracted resources. All linguists sign confidentiality agreements, abide by professional rules of conduct and pass stringent quality control standards before being assigned to a project. We are always seeking dedicated and reliable people who are passionate about the industry and would like to build a solid long-term relationship with us.

1.  Faithfully reproduce in the target language the closest natural equivalent of the source language, primarily in terms of       meaning and secondarily in terms of style, without embellishment, omission or explanation.
2.  Remain neutral and objective at all times, and not provide any of the participants with any method of additional contact.
3.  Treat all information acquired as confidential.
4.  Report any problems to their coordinator.
5.  Provide accurate and culturally appropriate translations.
6.  Use current and specialized dictionaries, terminology databases and translation tools.
7.  Undergo ongoing quality control and implement corrections as required.
8.  Respect copyrights and other intellectual property rights
9.  Ask questions and add footnotes as required
10. Maintain impartiality by showing no preference or bias to any party involved
11. Demonstrate respect towards all parties involved
12. Perform their duties within their prescribed role and refrain from personal involvement.
13. Be responsible for the quality of interpretation provided and accountable to all parties and the organizations engaging       the interpreter’s service